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Meeden Labs is an IT job consultancy company founded in 2020 focusing on recruiting for IT firms. We strongly believe that skilled performers are qualified enough to topple the corporate world and take the IT industry to the next level.

Our mission is to assist our clients in finding skilled and suitable candidates through our proven hiring process that utilizes the employee’s knowledge and abilities to the fullest.

We are working closely with IT partners with MNCs and core industries to give them quality candidates for their companies.

Being in a sector that the whole of the country relies on, Banking requires Perseverance, skill and talent. We help our clients find people best suited for the same.
As a sector at a fast growing rate. Coping up with this phase is considerably challenging. Providing the best team mates to our Ed- Tech clients is our responsibility.
Providing opportunities to artists out there and onboarding only the best is what we promise our clients.
The Indian Telecom Industry is the second largest of its kind in the world. We help you find the smartest technical hands for your company.
Technology based financial services need the most efficient brains out there. For companies who find it hard to find them, Meeden labs is your answer.
A country rich in its diversity and beauty - the best possible way to enhance is through advanced travel solutions and cordial hospitality. We help our clients with the teammates best suitable for the same.
Ecommece has changed the face of business in India. We need more specialised people to handle this rapidly advancing sector. And what is the best way to find such people ? Meeden Labs have a perfect solution for you ! We challenge the candidate with the most difficult of situations and find the best candidate amongst. Companies building their territory in the sector, Fear not we find you the best Team.